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NCWGA LIABILITY WAIVER: All golfers are voluntary participants at the NCWGA State Amateur. By participating in this tournament, you agree and acknowledge that the NCWGA is not liable, in any way, for injuries or damages of any kind that you may suffer, or be exposed to while participating, or being present, at a NCWGA event. You agree that the acceptance of our entry for this event is sufficient consideration for your agreement that the NCWGA has no liability or responsibility, of any kind, for any damages or injuries that you may incur while involved, participating, or present, at a NCWGA event. I have read all the rules pertaining to the play pertaining to the event. I release NCWGA, Inc., its committee members, officers, directors and host club from any liability for the event or consequences relating to my entry or participation.

 2023 NC Women's Amateur
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Thank you for your registration. We look forward to seeing you at Verdict Ridge!

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