2020 State Play-Day

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Is Your Club Participating?

NCWGA State Play-Day letters are sent to all NCWGA member golf clubs in January.

Look for your letter on your club bulletin board.

If this is your first year to participate in the NCWGA State Play-Day program, you might like to read an EASY, NO COST, 5 STEP METHOD to conduct your State Play-Day Tournament.

The NCWGA provides a gold finished charm for your club’s winner, a club plaque to display the names of the winners from your club, and the winner’s name and picture are put on the NCWGA website.
The golfer with the lowest net score in North Carolina is our Champion for the year!

The NCWGA State Play-Day Tournament is an eighteen hole, low net, handicap, stroke play tournament CONDUCTED ON YOUR OWN GOLF COURSE. 

The rules and steps to conduct your State Play-Day Tournament are simple, take a look by clicking the button below!

  • All NCWGA clubs are eligible (membership dues for the club are only $30.00 per year).

  • Tournament participants must be members of their women’s golf association and have established handicaps, using the monthly handicap index provided by the USGA.

  • The handicap limit is 40.4, but everyone may play.

  • In case of a tie, a hole-by-hole play-off is recommended.

  • You may schedule your tournament on the “official” State Play-Day or on any day

  • February through September 30th each year.

The North Carolina Women’s Golf Association Board of Directors looks forward to receiving your  State Play-Day Tournament results.  Have Fun!

Maria Malone

NCWGA State Play-Day Tournament Chairman


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Patty Moore

Membership Chairman


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