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Apply for NCWGA Membership 

Membership in the North Carolina Women's Golf Association is open to clubs leagues, and individuals. Women who are members of NCWGA member clubs and leagues, as well as individual members, are entitled to submit applications for the annual North Carolina Women’s Amateur Championship and the NCWGA Team Net Tournament. In addition, clubs and leagues may host local State Play-Day Tournaments, winners’ prizes furnished by the NCWGA. To check to see if your club or organization has paid its dues, please refer to the NCWGA current membership list below.  This list will be updated every few weeks as the payments are received. 

NCWGA Individual Membership 


Membership in the Association shall be open to any female amateur golfer who is legally domiciled in North Carolina, has an established USGA handicap and has paid her annual dues of $15.00.

Thank You!

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